Unglugged fine furniture & tools

All the pieces are made by commission. They are made selecting the wood depending on its location in the piece, choosing the grain for harmony of shapes and textures, and with special attention to detail.

Finishings are french polish or natural oils.

Cabinet knobs are made by hand using woods as ebony, Blackwood, etc, elegant solid brass hinges, ultimately the best materials for the realization of unique pieces.

The tools are made with quarter sawn woods to maintain their characteristics.

The steels are of the highest quality and the best manufacturers.

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If you want a unique and special piece of furniture

We will talk about the design, the woods, the details or any other aspect of the piece that you would like to incorporate, as it is this relationship with the customer which marks the difference of handcrafted furniture vs serial made ones.

My goal when making a piece of furniture is that both the client and I enjoy the process.

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